My Home…

My default reaction is to laugh.  I don’t know how to react in some cases where there are emotions involved.  I am so used to using my brain, that my mind is composed of an endless web of go-to reactions for every situation I have thought of.  My emotions were mainly practiced routes of what-to-feel in case I encounter certain situations.

I started this blog as some sort of therapy, an outlet for me to put my feelings into writing… because I am not sure how to show it.

The things written here are musings, situations I have been into, my thoughts, and my feelings.  Feelings that I don’t know how to show, but have felt, and kept underneath one of my many masks.

I am FIRE.  I burn with ideas, creative juices that needs to be out in the open…  I am WATER.  I am shapeless, free…

In a way, I consider this as an intangible house of the emotions I have kept within.