Posted: September 27, 2004 in Fiction and Non-Fiction

she clutched herself tightly and rocked herself in silence. no one should see her cry… no one should see her misery…

it was dark outside her room. with each strike of lightning she could glimpse at her reflection on the mirror. she saw her swollen eyes, her hair in wild array… she saw how miserable she was…

thunder moaned and she shouted her anger. no one would hear her anyway. the drops of rain created a loud noise on the roof. she decided to went out… to feel the rain on her skin… to cry all she wanted to cry…

outside, she saw the dark clouds covering the sky. she looked up and felt the tingling sensation brought by the drops of rain. it caressed her soul… and brought a wry smile on her pale lips.

she let herself drown in the rain. this way, she could cry all she want. she could shed tears. no one would notice it. she cried… she didn’t stopped. rain mingled with her tears. she tasted the rain… or was it her tears? she didn’t know. she didn’t want to know…

‘coz all she wanted to do was cry…


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