Place to Belong

Posted: September 27, 2004 in Fiction and Non-Fiction
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i held the memoir close in my heart and clutched it tightly. i can feel the beat of my own heart as i thought of the things that happened between us.

ive cherished and loved you in every way i know. i let you feel all the love i can give. you’re so dear to me… i never wanted to let you go…

i held you tightly. like a child afraid to let go of something dear. indeed, it was like that. i was the child and you’re my precious toy. like a child, i’ve been so possessive of you.

at first, it was okay. you never minded my possessiveness. you even seem to like it… but there are really instances when you got tired of me… i know you did although you never told me… never showed me… so…

i was really hurt when you left me. i felt numb as pain coursed my whole being. i ask you of the wrong i did. i even thought my love for you was not enough. it hurt me more when you told me the reason why you’re leaving me…

i held you so tightly that you suffocated. you understand how much love i have for you but i must realize that loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean that i don’t have to let go.

people stay in our lives because they want to… because beside us is the place where they want to belong…


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