Of Letting Go the One We Love

Posted: October 24, 2004 in Filipino (Tagalog) Posts
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i often wonder why people opted to let go of people they love just because of foolish reasons that in some way or another, can’t be a reason at all.

i can’t get it why people would let go when in fact, they love the person that much. it makes me wonder if love is not enough reason for them to stay. or if love is enough reason for them to let go.

and i find it all funny. coz im angry at those people who let the ones they love go, yet im one of them…

i’ve loved this guy for more than 2 years… but i let him go just recently coz he can’t commit. because his commitment belongs to his cause.

nagmahal ako ng isang crusader. one who

strongly believes in his cause. one who’s committed to his beliefs. honestly, it was one of his qualities that i’m proud of… not knowing that it would also be the reason for me to let him go.

hay…. its hard to let go of the one you love… lalo na for unusual reasons… mahirap lalo na kung talagang mahal mo ‘yung tao…

pero teka… hindi ba mas mahal mo ‘yung tao pag kaya mo siyang pakawalan para sa talagang ikasasaya n’ya? tama po ba?

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