Life’s Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Posted: October 26, 2004 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction
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* people are naturally sensitive. no matter how tough they seem, they’re still private individuals who deserves respect.

* sometimes, its the fighter who needs someone to fight for them.

* in love, letting go is a sign of weakness.. weakness coz you can’t fight for what you feel… weakness coz you’re afraid to be hurt…

* people hurt others coz they themselves are hurt. it’s in their nature to get even…

* jealousy is the green-eyed monster set to destroy relationships. doubt is one of its elements.

* too much honesty can kill. always keep a little tyo yourself. but remember… only a little… just enough to keep the excitement.

* too much mystery can raise doubts. though it excites.. it destroys trust.

* wounds heal easily but wounded hearts take years to mend…

* real tears are not the tears that falls from the eyes and courses through your face… its the tears that our inner being sheds and covers our souls…

* it’s easier to tell our problems to those we barely knew than those who really know us. why? coz we’re afraid to show them our weakness…

* when in love, we’d rather tell them lies to keep them happy rather than say the truth and hurt them badly…

* i’ve cried for stupid reasons before and remembering them now brings smiles to my lips and my laughter to echo in silence. but remembering my past laughters.. and the smiles i’ve given… makes me feel pain that shattered my soul….


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