A Friend’s Promise

Posted: October 27, 2004 in About Me
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promises are meant to be broken. i’m saying this because of the 20 years that i’ve lived my goddamn life as a forbidden child, none of the promises i’ve got came to life.

as a forbidden child, i’ve learned the hardships of life. and it was those promises… those broken promises… are the reasons why i’ve fight for my life.

stupid me… coz i believed those words. yet, it was my fuel. my food for survival. coz as a forbidden child, i have nothing with me… no love. no respect. no trust. just those promises that was given to me by those people who mattered to me.

but of all those promises, i’ve treasured those that came from my friends… my barkada. for me, it was their WORD. and i believed in their WORD of HONOR.

it was my friend’s promise which currently fueled my existence. it was my friend’s promise which kept me fighting inspite of my wishes to stop fighting.

but then…

my friend just broke his promise. now i’m back at my corner… to the quiet place where i, the forbidden child, would always belong…


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