Of Losing a Friend

Posted: October 27, 2004 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction
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i’ve learned to cherish this special friend. although i haven’t seen him personally, i considered him as one of those people who had come beneath the surface of knowing me.

he even became my confidante. i shared my problems with him and he was ready to listen. he used to be my angel once… but now…

now, i’ve lost him. i dunno whether its my fault or his. i may be stubborn. but im still a private person. he’s my friend, true. he’s my confidante… another truth. but he need not know eveything about me. i’d let him in.. but it would be gradual… slowly… but worth it.

losing a friend like him is like losing a part of yourself. but i know life would let me meet other friends who would not impose anything from me.


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