Friendship or Love?

Posted: October 29, 2004 in Filipino (Tagalog) Posts
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it hurts to fall in love with a friend. you keep on hiding your feelings, avoiding it as much as you can ’til you cry your heart out… all out of fear of losing a friend and a love you never had…

how does it feel falling for you friend? your best friend? how does it feel knowing that you love him but it can never be the two of you?

what would you do? will you tell your friend that you love him? do you have enough courage to end the friendship and go on a different level?

what would you do if your friend doesn’t love you? what if he thinks of you only as a friend, nothing more.. nothing less…? what would you feel?

hay naku. ang hirap magmahal ng isang kaibigan. walang thrill. lahat kasi, alam n’yo na. there’s no room for discoveries. lalo na if your friendship took years bago maging stable… bago ma-establish…

ngayon alam ko na ‘yung pakiramdam na ang taong mahal mo eh kaibigan mo. ngayon alam ko na ‘yung pakiramdam ng nalilito. ngayon, ako na ‘yung naguguluhan… FRIENDSHIP o LOVE? whichever i choose, there’s the risk of losing the other person, in one way or another. and that is something i should deal with.

hmmnn… if i’ll ask you… which one will it be??? FRIENDSHIP or LOVE? if you’ll choose friendship, you’ll sacrifice the love you feel and swallow your hopes of ending up with your friend. if you’ll choose love, you’ll sacrifice the friendship which, sometimes, lasts longer than love.



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