Last Night’s Happening

Posted: October 29, 2004 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction
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last night, i cancelled a long-planned date for the joyride invitation of my friend. good thing, the guy was kind and agreed to re-sched it for next week.

jake was my friend for almost 8 years now. we’re used to doing things together coz we share the same interests. one of them is people-watching… big grin we’ve been doing that for almost 6 years now, since he got his car from his pops…

anyways, our first stop was at the megamall parking lot for the end party of Oktoberfest. hell, a lotta people are blocking the way and we can see them enjoying themselves as if it’s their last day of having fun. one word came into my mind as i saw them partying like wild animals in the jungle: HEDONISTS. jake and i left the party early.

we found ourselves hungry so we went to this cozy resto where most yuppies dine. my gaze wandered to the people dining in. some are on a date, complete with sweet talks and gestures. some are just there to eat, not minding that they’re losing their poise or that they look like a hungry ogre. i could even hear some business talks near the corner as a group of yuppies brag about their chosen career. there, i saw different kinds of people with different priorities and views in life.

next, our “kaliwa tayo jan… diretso mo dun… kanan sa susunod…” brought us to this place in manila where street parties and bars fill the place. we were leaving when a group of girls blocked our way. jake opened the window and pointed at me. “hookers”, jake said to me when the girls left after seeing me inside the car.

i bet they’re just about my age but, young as they may be, they’re already engaged in that filthy trade. i glanced around and saw one of the girls taking some shots. a thought crossed my mind and i’d rather believe that thought. i’d rather believe that they don’t like what they’re doing. that they’re just helpless victims whose only means of survival is through the use of their bodies.

its past midnight when jake and i decided to go to our special place. we’re both tired and have seen enough for that night. we went to our place. it sure is freaky and would give goosebumps to those who hears that place.

honestly, its jake’s family mausoleum… he never visits his family’s grave without me. freaky as it may sound, we usually go there. we’d lie on the grass, gazing up at the stars. this relaxes both of us. and a good way to end a tiring day.

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