For someone who used to love me, you’re the most sweet one. You used to give me flowers. They’re not the one I’d like to receive, and you know it. But I’d rather receive any flowers from you, than to know that I won’t be receiving any.

For someone who used to fight battles for me, you’re the one I’m really thankful. There are times when I’ve wished that you’d let me fight my own battles, but I’m thankful for your help. Now, I’d rather have you fight for me, than to know that you left me alone to defend myself.

For someone who used to give me bruises, you’re the most important. Though they’re ugly, now I’d rather that you’re here to give me bruises than knowing you’re not here anymore.

For Dhie, you used to mean the world to me… gave me things that I’ll forever cherish… I’d rather have you here than knowing that I’ve lost you. I’d rather say that I miss you… than to ask you to wait for me in the place where only you could see me… to that place where dreaming is the only way I could talk to you…

I’d rather have the chance to say i love you. Than to have that chance to say goodbye…

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