For Him Who Caused Me Pain

Posted: August 21, 2006 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction, Poems
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i’ve been stupid when i’ve let you dominate my fantasy
i’ve been crazy when i believed you’d stay
now i’m awake, thanks to the pain you’ve caused
the wounds have healed, the hurt have ceased
sanity has come back, reality’s right here…

end of latest update…

i used to think that i can take anything that would come my way…
but then, i’ve stumbled on you along the darkest path i took.
you made me fall, made a few wrong choices, then left me alone.

have been mending this broken sanity…
heck, you made me become what i am now.
don’t blame me for the outcome.
blame yourself. you’re the cause.

as i continue taking this path i chose,
remind me not to pick up the pieces you’ve left
i’d rather be broken… i’d rather feel the pain…
coz wen i’m broken, i’m wiser.

end of first entry…

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