A Ghra

Posted: August 28, 2007 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction
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i heard a shot that broke the silence of the night. i even tried to look back. i tried to look at his direction as i felt warm liquid dripping down my back. i tried to reach it and saw red liquid in my fingers. i was shot. he fired the gun aimed at my heart.

he sat beside me as my legs gave in to the pain. he caressed my head, brushing my hair with his fingers. he’s muttering incoherent words. he’s stammering…

i closed my eyes and i saw our story… how we met… how we ended up together. i saw his betrayal. i saw myself crying. despite of all the hurt he’d caused me, i was still hoping we could work things out.

“sagapo, a ghra…” he whispered. i opened my eyes and saw the truth. only, this new hurt he’d inflicted is something i just can’t laugh off.

“i’m sorry…”, his last words sounded empty as i closed my eyes for the last time and gave away the final breath of life…

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