My First Tattoo

Posted: October 23, 2007 in About Me
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I wanted to change… Not for someone better, not to be worse. I just want to let go of the old me. Be more free… First step I did, I had a tattoo imprinted on my lower back. The design? An ambigram of Raye, the name I wanted to be known. Why an ambigram of that name? I wanna be an example. I wanna be different. Different in the sense that I am what you see inside-out. Much like an ambigram which looks the same way whether you’re looking at it from below, or from above.

So there, I finally had it. Last Saturday, I asked my college friend to accompany me to the artist’s shop. I’ve anticipated pain. I’ve prepared myself for it. What I didn’t know is that I’d actually rejoice in the feel of the needle’s movement against my skin. It didn’t hurt. It actually tickled.

Now, I wanted to look for a new design. Perhaps a portrait. Or an image. I could see in my mind how I wanted that new design look like. A fairy seated on a big rock beside a lake. With the moon’s reflection on the lake. I still can’t figure out how I’m gonna put some fire in that image. I wanted the new tattoo to reflect me, fiery waters..


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