One Liners….

Posted: November 11, 2007 in About Me
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losing sanity is the greatest experience of all… falling in love? the biggest downer!


if melancholy could fuel my will to live for the next day, then I wouldn’t have to look for someone who’d give me strength…


tried to see if someone will catch me. no one did. i had hoped he’ll be waiting below, but i felt the hard concrete when i fell. he’s just meant to make me feel stupid. crazy. dreamy. now that he’s gone, i have to pick up the broken pieces of my sanity.


why can’t you just fall at the perfect place to the right person? why do you have to fall for someone who’d just give you pain and make you feel so damn stupid?


if things were different, you’d be here with me. if things were better, i wouldn’t have to cast a spell. the moon would show exactly where you should go.. you should’ve been here. beside me..


why is it hard to look for another path where there’s no need to prove one’s self to be of significance to their environment?


i’m not looking for any spark that would make me feel flickers of emotion but would rob off my sanity…


wanna meet someone who’s willing to willing to walk with me in my chosen path… he who can guide me out of this mess…

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