What Are You Oftentimes Criticized For?

Posted: December 16, 2007 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction
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Again, I’m online to look for new job openings and try my luck at different companies. In my jobstreet, I saw a really inviting position that I’d really like to apply for. With jobstreet, some applications would ask you to answer a question. Oftentimes, it’s relevant with the job, industry, or position. But the question I got this time took me by surprise.

The question’s: What are you oftentimes criticized for?

I’m not sure how to answer it for I’ve been criticized for different reasons. Being strict, being naive, too trusting, even by how many times I’ve cried over guys who’ve hurt me. If asked that question, how is one supposed to answer?

For this blog, I’d answer it with questions about my body type. It’s not that I hate being fat, it’s the other way around. I don’t care if I’ve gained twice my weight. I don’t give a damn if people tease me or call me names. I’m fat. I like it. So learn to live with it.

My mom and dad would often tell me to lose some weight, enroll in a gym, or exercise. My siblings would call me Tani, my friends would say I should go to Tubby for clothes. But me, I’m not after a body to die for. I’m okay with my current built. So why can’t they?

No matter how heavy I’ve become or how many chins I’ve got, I love myself. Even if a chatter from IRC actually said that I’m not his type coz I’m fat, that didn’t matter. Who would like a guy who’s just after good looks? Besides, I’m worth more than that.

I’d rather be loved for who I am rather than for what I look like. I’d rather be appreciated as a person of strength and beliefs rather than a mere object. =)

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