I Am

Posted: February 24, 2008 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction

I’m a brat. I’m so used to getting the things that I want, or having things my way. I was spoiled; by my parents, relatives, even my guy friends. I grew up thinking that I could have everything that I want though I never really need it.

I’m selfish. I keep things to myself. I don’t want to share. I just want to acquire knowledge and experiences that might help me when I grow old. I’d hide what I have ’cause whatever it is, it’s mine.

I’m a pack rat. I keep a lot of things even if they don’t have any value. Old chocolate boxes, memoirs, letters… I still have them with me. My room seems crowded because of all the things inside. I have numerous boxes where I keep each type of memento.

I’m a coward. I hide what I feel ’cause I’m afraid to be hurt. I’ve had numerous blows; countless stabs that I’ve mended well but remained with scars.

I am a selfish brat who wants to have things going my way. I’m a pack rat whose cowardice makes me keep things to myself and hide what I feel.

I am me.




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