Changes at the Workplace

Posted: April 25, 2008 in About Me
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I’m 24 y/o already… and for more than 3 years of my life, I’ve been working at Maersk Manila GSC. We’re on the documentation side of shipping cargoes. The department I am with is concerned with export documentation – manifest and/or amendments of bills of lading… This could be pretty boring for most of you but I’d be blabbering about my work (at least for this particular blog only).

I started there January 17, 2005. After training, we’ve been seating in with some staffs from different manifest teams. If my memory serves me right, 7 of us in the batch (there are 20 of us) had no particular team yet coz we were supposed to be BCP staffs. Since we were not yet called to start with BCP, all 7 of us just loittered in the 17F, not doing anything and/or just chatting with some peeps on floor.

After some days (or was it weeks), we were asked to manifest for West Africa Trade. Basically, we’re inputting details of bill/s of lading on the systems used at Maersk. After 3 weeks, me and Lhem were transferred to Amendment Team. There, we’re tasked to update bills according to request/s from Shipper, Origin and/or Destination office.

While in the amendment team, we were called for BCP. So, after being in AMD for almost 4 months, Melissa and I were transferred to BCP. In that team, we’re just doing tests to see if Manila GSC can take some of the volume of BOM, SJO, or GUA if ever there’s a contingency. Quota was 2 bills per hour and everyday, the bills we’ve manifested were audited by BOM/SJO/GUA and then we’d receive feedbacks regarding our accuracy and SOP adherence.

After some months at BCP, the team was dissolved so we went back to AMD. Since then, I’ve never been moved to a different team again. Last year, I was even promoted to a Team Lead position.

I never thought that AMD team would also be dissolved. Imagine, since the start of that team, we’ve already heard some rumors that it would soon be dissolved. Heck, I’ve even prayed that it’s just rumors. Though AMD team has a lot of differences and/or clash of ideas, we’ve lasted more than 3 years.

Right now, our team’s officially dissolved. I understand that streamlining all processes would require this change. I’ve accepted changes quickly more than my other team mates did. What I cannot understand/accept is that we were dissolved at that time we were so united. We’ve been through a lot of issues in the past but we’re able to surpass them.

This dissolution of our team is one big blow to all of us. We love our team. We have good relations with our team mates… Change is good, they say… But this type of change is not something that you’d like to happen in a matter of weeks.

As of this time, a lot of us in the team already felt the loss.. Today, some of us did things together, coz this is our last day as AMD team… Honestly, I felt all screwed up coz the setting that should take effect on Monday made me feel like I’m a nobody…

Who would ever want to feel that way, ‘ayt?


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