3 Weekends of May

Posted: May 25, 2008 in About Me
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I’ve been busy for 3 consecutive weekends this Month. Different gimmicks dominated my weekend.

Last May 10-11, we had our team farewell party. It’s an overnight swimming at Loreland Farm and Resort, somewhere in Antipolo. The place was big with a lot of different pools and cottages. The rooms okay. Except for the fact that it doesn’t have any extra sockets where we could plug our charges (for phones and batteries).

The whole experience was full of fun! We had a lot of food to eat, and a lot of tequila to be tipsy with. I even uploaded one kulitan moment we had while in Nipa Hut 5 (where some of the guys already had more alcohol than they could tolerate.. hehe).

It was fun. But I didn’t enjoyed it that much (had an attack of asthma which kept me from exploring the whole area and dipping to other pools… What a pity!

Come Sunday, me and Tina went to the Rainforest Park somewhere in Pasig. The entrance is free and the park has a lot of features: Gyms, Mini Zoo, Children’s Playground, among others. We also saw ramps for bikers, and wall-climbing facility.

It was my first time to see live animals (other than what you can normally see at farms). I saw ostriches, crocs, eagles, pythons and bayawak (the ones I usually see are dead ones: for exotic pulutan.. hehe).

After the park, we bought some grilled bangus and Crab Meat at Pixie’s.. Tina’s really craving for that bangus so we decided to go to Tony’s house (she doesn’t like the idea of me going to her apartment.. she’s sorta afraid that I might see and tell her about the ghost/s in that house) and have our dinner there.

A lot of kwentuhan happened after dinner. Stuffs about office, work and colleagues llivened the night… We also had occassional brownouts that makes us stop for a while and look for candles, or our phones for light.. hehe

Then, yesterday, May 24, we decided to watch the pyrolympics at MOA. Meeting time was 5:30-6:00pm, at Powerbooks, SM Megamall but we left there at already past 6pm. When we finally arrived at MOA, we’re still looking for our other colleagues who went there ahead of us.

When we finally entered the place where we could really see the fireworks, Jen, Tina, Lyn and me went ahead, looking for a good spot to catch some pics or videos. I have posted the pics I got during that night.

By the way, I just used my mobile phone so the images may not be that clear or the resolution might not be that good.


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