Clothes, clothes… and more clothes!

Posted: June 29, 2008 in About Me
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I’m not a fashionista. Heck, I don’t even bother dressing up even though there’s a special occassion. So imagine my desperation when our HR department announced that we are the ones who’s gonna buy our uniforms from our selected shop.

Panic struck coz I’m not really into clothes. I hate going through different shops/boutiques. I hate trying out clothes to see if they fit me or not. Then, I made a decision to ask the help of my college friends, Hazel and Geri.

Our call time was 2 to 3pm at Megamall’s foodcourt. As always, I was late *hehe*. Anyway, from Megamall to Shangri-la, we just walked and talked.. It was tiring coz I’m not that fond of walking and it really seemed like a long walk!

Upon arriving at Shangri-la, we immediately went to level 5 (coz that’s where Tubby is located). It actually took us a long time and a number of text messages before we finally located the shop. Inside, we immediately look for what I should get.

Had tried a number of blouses and pants. Swear, I didn’t liked the idea of trying on clothes, looking for the fit, and the style. What’s even more frustrating is that after getting stuffs I’d like, there’s still 800 bucks that I need to spend! So I looked through some more clothes and decided to just take a polo shirt. The end price was almost 300 bucks greater than the budget.

In the end, I got 7 items.. Pants, two blazers, and 4 blouses with collar. What I really like among those things that I got is the red blouse and the gray blazer.

A lot of other things happened after Tubby but I won’t get into much details. It’s pretty embarassing and I’d rather keep ’em to myself.. hehe


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