Rattles from the Office

Posted: December 6, 2008 in About Me
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I hate being judged, especially if what a certain person perceives about me is entirely different from who I am. I hate it when a certain person say something behind my back and act really sweet in front of me!

So imagine how I’ve felt when I heard what a colleague said about me (behind my back). I felt angry. I felt cheated. Worst of all, I felt being ridiculed and made fun of whenever I’m not around.

I’m just new in my current department. Their process is different from the process I’ve known during my Export years. But hell, I don’t think my being new to the OPS department is enough for her to say those things about me.

I may not know all the how-to’s right now. I’m still in the learning curve… Why question my position and what I know based on the few weeks that I’ve been on floor?

She barely know me. Reason why in the first place, she should never said those things about me.

If she had any problem with me, she should have said it. She should have been upfront with it. I’m willing to listen and if things need changing, then I will.

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