Loans and Harassments

Posted: March 1, 2009 in About Me

Well, here’s my recent experience regarding Collecting Agencies/Office of Loan or Credit Card Companies:

Wednesday, Feb. 25:

A “Makati police officer” called our office, saying that they’re on their way to arrest me because of some cases and he gave me a number to call, and look for an Atty. Antonio Villanueva.

Upon calling that number, I was told that I was charged with breach of contract among other cases, such as violation of RA 8484. They were asking me to pay 27K immediately to settle.

After that call, I proceeded with my work and after lunch, I was informed by my superior, assistant manager, that there was another call, apparently from “Pasig police”, asking for landmarks of our office.

I called my mom and my aunt.. and my friend regarding my dilemma.. Last, I called again the lawyer, Atty. Villanueva and was asked to settle at least 5K to temporarily hold the arrest.

Because of that, I was forced to take a half day leave, come up with at least 5K for initial payment..

After paying, I was advised by my friend not to believe said cases. That I am being harassed so as to pay the amount in full.

I was even advised by her lawyer friend and her brother, to get the details of my supposed cases so as to know legal actions that I can do.

Thursday, Feb. 26:

I called Atty. Villanueva about my cases and he said they were “highly confidential” and that it should not be discussed via phone. I said since I was the one involved, I have the right to know, right?

What happened was, he advised me that if I really want to know my case, I should get a lawyer and we should discuss this in court. After that, I again asked some my friend regarding the non-compliance of Atty. Villanueva to advise my supposed cases.

Along with the advise from lawyers I’ve asked, I immediately called again Atty. Villanueva and told him that I should know my charges and that I’ve already asked some lawyers about it. The said lawyer shouted at me and said that I should forget settling only 27K and we talk about it at court..

Final advise by my friend: Check with RTC and MTC if there’s really a case filed against you.

Friday, Feb. 27:

I called RTC and MTC to verify whether there’s really a case against me and if there are, I’d inquire about those cases. It turned out, there’s really no case filed against me and that I was just being harassed by that collecting office.


I’ve already settled part of that loan.. And will be paying the remaining this coming March.

Imagine the sleepless nights and the emotional struggle I have to go through because of that Collection Office.

It was good that I know some lawyers and I get to read blogs at coz they helped me weigh things out.

I wouldn’t want to deal with Citibank and CitiFinancial again.. I called their hotline number to ask for consideration regarding my dilemma but they kept on forwarding me to the collection office. They were even rude at doing so.

I was surprised that last Feb. 27, they talked to me courteously when I showed up at their office. I talked to the same guy I talked with via phone. It seems like a 180degree turn coz they’ve been rude to me the day before and now, they were treating me like every word I said matters.

All these events lead to me being absent at work for more than a day.. Plus, my dad had disowned me.

Now, it makes me think.. Does that 40K loan enough for me to be harassed, be absent at work, and be disowned by my own father?

Certainly not.


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