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Posted: June 7, 2009 in About Me
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I am fond of chatting and most of the time, I get to meet new people… A few months ago, I went gaga over IMVU. It’s the same as SIMS wherein you can create your own avatar. I know it’s not that popular here in the Philippines so there’s only a few Filipino using that program.

One time, I get to chat with this Italian guy. He seem nice. Our conversations were serious, with no hint of flirting or any of that kind. Aside from that, he knew some tagalog words so it’s kinda fun to talk to him. But that was only the first time.

The next time I chatted with him, I got irritated. Judging from our conversation the last time we talked, he seems to be a guy with sense. During our second chat, he asked me if I would marry him. I asked him the reason why he asked it out of the blue. Guess what he told me? He said: Isn’t that the reason why you’re chatting here? That got me irritated.

I told him it’s not my reason for chatting. He further explained that it’s the reason why most Filipina would go to chat… He added that Filipinas would chat on the net, hoping to meet some Westerners who would marry them and take them out of poverty. Keeping my cool, I laughed at him then. I even told him: Ibahin mo ako sa kanila. After that, he said: Goodluck to you Filipina, then left.

Long after the chat ended, I pondered on what was his view of Filipino women. Though in my case, it’s not true, what he said bears some truth to it. Most Filipina would marry foreigners like Americans, Europeans, and even Japanese men because of the bright future they might give them. Seldom is the reason love.

I hate that mentality other races have on us. But we cannot eradicate that thought simply because there are indeed some Filipina who does that. Still, they should not typecast all Filipina as girls who’d marry other races just for money.


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