Tarot Cards and Me

Posted: June 27, 2009 in About Me
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I won’t go that much into the details of what happened to me today. But to be honest, this was a fun day for me coz I get to see my high school barkada again (except Nikki and Alda).

While there, our discussion managed to find its way to occult sciences. Well, we were into witchcraft, sorcery, magic, magick and tarot cards way back. So when Karen showed us her new tarot cards, I asked her to give me a reading.

It’s not the flashy or mystic type. It’s just a general reading with three cards. She used the “Vertigo” Tarot Cards. If I remember it right, the images was inspired by Vertigo (a comicbook story).

Here are the cards I got…

The Devil

It was supposed to say the part I’m presently acting out or showing off. From other sites, this card means the following:

Divinatory Meaning: The positive aspect of the devil is a healthy bond or commitment. If it’s drawn with the question of marriage in mind, it’s a good omen. In other cases however, the Devil is associated with lust and temptation and may mean a bondage to other things not so healthy for us such as additions, chemical abuse, drunk on power, or clinging to beliefs that do us more harm than good. There are also other kinds of bondage we can suffer from. This may be a case where we are fooling ourselves into believing something blatantly not good for us. An example might be thinking that getting drunk every night on red wine will make us live longer. If the Devil appears in your card, review the course you are on and make sure you’re not following a course more out of lower emotions such as lust, greed or desire, versus higher ones like love and altruism.


My helper, the second card came to be Death. So this second one symbolizes the end or “death” of an old way. From one site, Death means:

Divinatory Meaning: Though this card is rarely about physical death, it is about change, renewal, transformation and abandonment of that which no longer serves us such as a relationship. Like time, we cannot escape this and it is a warning that we should be paying attention to what is happening in our lives. We should take a review of our life and take note of something that may need to be shed other than our worldly body. It can also have a spiritual connotation suggesting that we have to shed old beliefs before we can take on more enlightened one. We may be heading for a spiritual impasse and may have to look at what we consume, how we feel and think. If we can, then we’re ready to take on more exotic passages into the underworld. Not all change is welcome so the negative aspect of this card can mean that we are fighting change and have become stagnant. It may mean the loss of an opportunity because we won’t walk through that open door. It may mean the loss of a lover, friend, or family member.

The Hanged Man

The third card from my reading is my Teacher. The man was hanged upside-down, with his head illuminated by a light. I was told this means deeper understanding.. or divine. From the same site where I got the first 2 meanings, this card symbolizes:

Divinatory Meaning: The hanged man is a card that relates to self-sacrifice in order to attain a higher spiritual goal. The upside down position can reflect that this person is an outcast of society and tends to follow his or her own inner voice. The fact that the man is suspended upside down can represent a time of transition, limbo or a pause in life until something or someone is sacrificed for the greater gain of others. This card has been linked to spiritual lives such as Christ’s and the legends of Osiris where the destruction of the ego brings greater meaning and awareness to society. A negative slant on this card would represent poor health, a weakness of will, selfishness and a person who uses their self-sacrifice ways to become a martyr. It suggests patience and to watch out for paths that lead in a bad direction.

Since it was just a general reading, my friend did not go into any of it’s meaning for me… Or what it brings for me. But if I’m gonna look at my current situation, plus what happened just recently, I will get the following generalizations:

  1. I was branded as an activist at work simply because I don’t just do what’s being asked of me. I would reason out if needed. I will defend my direct reports if I deem necessary.
  2. My resigning from work means death of an old way. I have been working there for more than 4 years and now I would have to set it aside and face a different world. I would also need to learn adapting to a new life.
  3. I sacrificed my length of tenure in order to grow. Though my current job’s already stable and the issues thrown at me did not pulled me down, I have let go of it just so I can experience a new life that may have been waiting for me outside Maersk.

So there, this is one lengthy blog and I am just trying to find meaning from my tarot reading. I don’t do tarot reading as it’s costly and it needs a lot of time to learn all the cards and what they mean altogether.. Honestly, I got inspired and may add learning how to read tarot cards in my to-do list.. big grin



souce: http://www.psychic-experiences.com/psychic-articles/tarot-cards-major.php

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