The 8th Day

Posted: July 8, 2009 in About Me
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It’s the 8th day of the month.. As usual, my mom asked her aunt to cook some pancit and biko… See, my youngest sister (only 4 y/o) was born on the 8th day of February. Every month, we make it a point to cook something for her… a sort of offering ‘coz if we don’t she gets sick… and each one of us will follow suit.

Since it’s the 8th of the month, I remembered what happened almost 5 years ago. My mom asked me to buy her a pregnancy kit. Imagine my dilemma ‘coz that time, I was acting like a guy. I was like: “There’s no way I’m gonna buy that!”. However, since I’m the eldest, I ended up still buying one for her.

Wearing an oversized shirtm, maong shorts and a baseball cap, I went to this small pharmacy. Inside, I whispered to the pharmacist/sales lady that I’m looking for pregnancy kit. I was so humiliated when she shouted at the her colleague, from the far end of the store, that I was buying a blue pregnancy kit! I hurriedly went home when she gave me one because I could hear some people whispering: “Tingnan mo yun, pa-tomboy tomboy pa kuno, malandi naman pala…”

When I got home, I narrated to my mom everything that happened inside that store. I swear, she was laughing so hard at me… Instead of showing how angry I was because of that incident, I immediately asked her to try the kit and see if she’s really pregnant.

To cut the story short, my mom was 2 months pregnant that time. So I was always accompanying her to each of her monthly check ups. Aside from that, I was excited to have a baby sister or brother para maging kakampi ko.. *hehe*

8th of February 2005, a few weeks after my work started, my mom gave birth to a healthy baby girl who weighs 8.5lbs… We planned to video the whole giving birth thingy but my dad was against it. The next day, I went to the hospital after work and bought a cake to celebrate with my family. That night, all of us stayed in the hospital, each trying to carry the baby whenever she’s taken out of the nursery room.

Now, my baby sister is already 4 years old. Stubborn like her older siblings but looks a lot like our dad. Right now, we’re actually calling her JR (short for junior) because one of her name is the feminine form of my dad’s name.. *hehe*


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