Last Week

Posted: July 27, 2009 in About Me

I’ve been busy last week in my training for bar tending. We’ve had our competition last week and our goal was to make 20 mixes in 15 minutes.Since I’m in no mood to memorize a lot of mixes, I was just able to make 15 mixes. Not bad since most of the mixed drinks I made requires shaking them…

Aside from that bar tending thingy, I decided to read all top ten entries in Chico Garcia’s blog site. I’m a fan of RX 93.1 and Chico and Delle so I always make it a point to listen every morning from 6:00-10:00 AM, Monday til Friday (before it’s6:00-9:00AM, Monday til Saturday). If I’m not mistaken, the last entries I’ve read was mid-May… so there’s quite a lot of blogs/top ten entries to read. I finally finished them last Saturday.

Then, I decided to review. I have already started making a reviewer but the lure of television and internet made me stop from doing one. I ended up covering only half of what I should read/review for our exam today. The result? Blank answers and most of my answers were mere guesses. *lol*

There’s still two more exams before our graduation in Hotel and Restaurant Services. So I have to do good on the remaining exams to redeem myself.. he he


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