Tarot Reading 3

Posted: August 22, 2009 in About Me

Got another set of tarot reading… This time, I got Reflection, Temperance, and Empress.

Scroll down to read what each card means.

Context – Reflection

Now is the time for deep introspection. Slip into a quiet place and do some soul searching. Reflection represents the time to examine yourself on deep spiritual and emotional levels. This card may also signify the need for some me time to regroup from a tring experience or loss that has left some part of you drained.

Focus – Temperance

The Temperance card represents balance. All things must be in balance for the outcome to materialize. The appearance of this card in the deck may indicate some loose ends that need to be completed so some outcome can be realized!

Outcome – Empress

The Empress is all about energy and flow and is the feminine card. A project started by the Fool is likely to come to fruition with the Empress on your side. This is a fertility card and not necessarily in the biological sense. This card provides the support and creativity to accomplish your innermost endeavor that has been on your mind.

Previous entry described what Context, Focus and Outcome is for. Read it here.




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