I Hate Mondays!

Posted: September 15, 2009 in About Me
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Yesterday was the start of the week.  I woke up early to prepare for my OJT.  It has been raining here in Marikina City, Philippines for days and so I readied myself with an umbrella and jacket.

Wearing my sturdy, old rubber shoes, I headed outside with my uncle.  I was only 2-3 feet away from our compound when I slipped.  Literally.

Can you imagine a big girl like me, a 210 lbs overweight girl slipping in slow motion?  Well, that’s what happened and even after seeing myself sprawled at the streets, I stayed motionless, thinking: “What the hell happened?”

I gazed at the streets, to see whether someone saw the incident, aside from my uncle, and I was not mistaken.  Near the corner where we are supposed to wait for a jeepney was someone who knew me. Damn!

After seeing that, and feeling embarrassed about what happened, I whole-heartedly laugh at what happened to me.  Swear, I was laughing up until boarding one jeep!

To add salt to the injury of my slipping, the guard told us that there’s no operations that day.  So, I have to go home and staying there will not be counted.  Double Ds!

I’m only blogging this now, since I slept early last night… wew!


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