More Thoughts… :(

Posted: September 19, 2009 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction
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I was wrong to like him.  He’s a trophy.  He deserves another beauty.

But what if he’s hurt again?  What if she drives him crazy again?  Will I still be a friend to him?  I’m hurt everytime he shares his problems with me.

If I could just tell him I love him.  Will things be different?  Will I be more than a friend to him?  Or will I remain to be his confidante?  His problem-solver.  His best bud.

Worst, he may leave me.  He might forget our friendship and move on instead.  Can I risk our friendship over what I feel for him?

Will I risk losing my best bud over the hope of finding love in him?  Enlighten me.. Please… sad


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