Dreams and Inner Wishes

Posted: September 26, 2009 in About Me
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I’ve set up a deadline for the month of September. I’m actually reluctant to set one. Especially because it’s about a part of me that I’ve kept underneath.

Last night, I was too tired and sleepy. Plus, I got pissed with the guy I was dating for calling me names. So when my classmate at OJT said the same thing to me, I exploded. Literally.

See, I hate being told that I live in my own world. True, my world is different from what any average person has but still, I don’t think that gives anyone the right to say negative things about it.

So, last night, when I went to sleep, there’s no other thought in my head but how pissed I was and how I’m going to talk to that guy.

While asleep, I dreamed about this guy who I don’t know that much. Our paths crossed, and he’ll leave soon. I like him coz he reminds me of my friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

And then I get to dream about him. It felt so real and I can still feel him.

Was it just a dream meant to remind me of my deadline? Or was it a dream that was supposed to show my innermost desires?


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