Reasons for Marrying

Posted: October 14, 2009 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction
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I have two friends who were getting married soon.  One was really in-love with his fiancé; one was because he fathered a child to his 5-year girlfriend.  I can tell that each was having jitters regarding their forthcoming wedding.

Let’s start with G who, in other terms, was madly in love with M.  They were a cute pair, a perfect one even.  But they only met three months ago and the relationship was just about 2 months.  Other friends were saying it’s too early in the relationship to get married.  Well, for one, we felt that they haven’t known each other that much.

We felt that there’s still much to discover.  What if during the time of their marriage, they saw some qualities of the other that they didn’t want? One quality that’s too much for the other to bear.  Will they hold on to the marriage?  Knowing G, he’s not the type who stays when everything else fails.

The question is: Is their love for each other enough to surpass whatever trial or differences they might have or encounter?

Now, to my friend who’s getting married because he impregnated the girl.  L’s from a devout Christian family.  He values life that much and he loves children.  So when his estranged girlfriend showed up after months of separation, claiming that she’s pregnant with his child, he readily accepted her and started to plan about their wedding.

Even though he’s not sure whether he’s really the father of the child, he accepted it. He said that the girl’s really in need of help and had decided to abort the baby if my friend won’t agree to marry her.  Sounds like blackmail or shotgun marriage, right?  But he’s still set on marrying the girl because of the child.

IMO, both of my friends have the wrong reason for tying the knot.  G’s reason was love which clouded his reasons.  It’s a whirlwind romance and I think that they should know each other better.  Because of L’s beliefs and values, he decided to marry his estranged pregnant girlfriend.  The love isn’t there anymore and there’s a big chance that their marriage will be a rough one.

What do you think?


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