A Dream

Posted: October 18, 2009 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction
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I saw him in my slumber.  I could see his lips move but can’t hear what he’s saying.  He’s trying to tell me something.  Only I couldn’t seem to understand.  I’ve become deaf to his pleas.

When he finished, he turned his back and started to walk away.  I could see myself running after him but the distance’s still the same.  I can’t catch up.  I fainted in the dream.  When I regained consciousness, I saw doors, a lot of them.

I tried to open one.  But I don’t have the key.  I barged on each door.  Had knocked more than once but it still won’t open.  It won’t even budge.  Exhausted and exasperated, I just cried.

I woke up, finding my pillow wet with tears.  There’s only one door.  He’s smiling at me.  He said I’m having nightmares.  He could even hear me whisper his name.  When he asked me, I told him my peculiar dream.

He brushed my hair with his fingers and gave me a soft kiss.  He whispered in my ear, words that I’ve been longing to hear since I woke up…

“Sagapo, Rouie”.


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