My Gift

Posted: November 1, 2009 in About Me

It was something I inherited from my father’s side.

The wind whispers to me.  Things that were about to happen, things that I’m supposed to hear later.  It must be crazy to read about this but this is just one of the abilities my gift has given me.

I can see things normal people don’t see.  Some of them appears like shadow, some were almost opaque.  But what I can’t forget is how real some of them look like.  It’s as if they’re real people walking down the streets.  The only problem would be when someone or something pass through them.  It’s when you know that they’re not supposed to be here.

My inner eye’s open.  Although a part of me wanted to have this closed when I was in my teens, I’m thankful now that I did not go through that ritual.

This is my gift that I intend to use and learn it’s full potential.



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