Posted: November 5, 2009 in About Me
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These past few days, I’ve been up and down an emotional rollercoaster.  Call it indecisiveness, or just plain naivety, but I’ve been thinking a lot.  It’s noticeable with all my tweets.

So today, after spending my mornings whining about my aching back and the fact that not all my plans are falling into their respective places, I took up some quiz to see if I have any personality disorder.

Call the idea weird or crazy but contemplating on my attitude and reactions for the past few days made me think that I might be a “control freak”.

After a serious of questions, I’m glad I’m not a control freak.  But the result I got was far from being positive.  I got very high rating for BPD, and high rating for OC, Avoidant and Narcissistic.

I’m going to read more about them and hopefully, if they do strike a chord, I might be able to change…

Wish me luck! big grin


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