Posted: November 6, 2009 in Food and Drinks
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Do you love cocktail drinks but you can’t or don’t want any alcohol in it?  You may want to try mocktails.  Mock Cocktails or simply Mocktails are drinks that has no alcohol in it.  Usually colorful and full of flavor, mocktails gives the drinker the fun of cocktail drinks without the sting of alcohol.

I’m gonna post some mocktail recipes that I got from the various sites.  If you’re planning a family event and want your drinks to cater to every member, try these simple mocktails.


Black Cow

*  2 Scoops  Vanilla Ice-cream

* 10 oz        Root Beer

* 1 Tblsp     Chocolate Syrup

* Whipped Cream

* Maraschino Cherry


* Pour rootbeer over ice cream and chocolate syrup in a large tumbler glass

* Garnishwith whipped cream and a maraschino cherry

* Servewith a straw and a long spoon


Bora Bora

* 10 Cl Pineapple Juice

* 6 Cl   Passion Fruit Juice

* 1 Cl   Lemon Juice

* 1 Cl   Grenadine Syrup


* Preparein a blender or shaker, serve in a highball glass on the rocks

* Garnishwith 1 slice of pineapple and one cherry


Evil Princess

* 1 oz       Grenadine

* 2 oz       White Grape Juice

* 1 oz       Apple Juice

* 1 Tblsp   Vanilla Syrup

* 1 Tblsp   Lemon Juice


* Pour overice

* Stir andgarnish with a lime slice


These are just some of the mocktail recipes available on the net.  If you want to try more mocktails, or even cocktails, visit the following sites:



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