Tarot Reading #4

Posted: November 6, 2009 in About Me
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I was lost for more than a month.  I’ve let go of my carefully laid-plans because of numerous delays that happened.  So now I felt like I’m twice as far to my dreams than I was before…

Today, I decided to take another tarot reading… To see if I can still reach my goal despite the numerous off-tracks that happened.

Here’s what I got this time:

You will improve a very precious emotional relationship.

You will have a good balance between your actions and your thoughts. You won’t act blindly. In your projects you won’t take any decision without collecting all the information needed for their success. Your intellectual efforts will permit you to reach a great maturity of mind. You will be regarded by others as a reference for your wisdom. Your judgement will be wise and you will have all the aptitudes to efficiently manage your professional progression. A favourable destiny will constantly follow you and you will be able to use your intuition regularly. It’s obvious that, most of the times, you will be better to follow your own path rather than to be swayed by those who continually try to direct you or to influence you. Your instinct will be remarkable and you will be able to undoubtedly rely on it.

Some turbulences of character between your personality and the one of another person are to come. You will have to avoid to be intimidated by an opponent. This person is a young woman of foreign origin who has an opportunism charm and a bad emotional faith. Her temperament will be restless and her attitude towards others or even yourself will be often cynical. You will have to concentrate yourself in order to not lose patience against her. She will make repeatedly stupid accusations against you and she will seek to discredit you in the eyes of others. On the other hand, if you show up consistency and intelligence in your frustration with her, everyone will see her appalling actions and they will eventually agree to incriminate her for her perpetual and oppressive assaults on you.

You placed your confidence in a person who says himself/herself in love with you or who claims to have very sincere feelings for you. That person is unscrupulous and put on an act. His/her thoughts are nasty and his/her intentions are reproachable. He/she lies to you in a deliberate way. You have no future with that person. You must go away from him/her, because he/she will bring you torments and sufferings.

The friendship of a woman close to you will become stronger and unconditional.

It sometimes happens to you to have difficulties in love, but that doesn’t mean that you love too much. You will have to modify or revise your attitude facing your emotional ambitions and you will feel better.

You will have a financial success through good human contacts and with the respect that the others will have for you.

The knowledge you have acquired will profit you. There will be balance and harmony between your decisions and your actions. You are entering into an era of magnificence where the success will closely accompany you. Your knowledge will enable you to understand the wheels and the outcomes of some activities which you covet for a long time. You will be able to increase your possessions. There will be complicities and exchanges. The dialogues will be essential and it will enrich or consolidate your existing bonds. You will be able to find the complements to the things which are basically different and you will be able to use your creativity very intelligently. It is sure that you have carried out a long work to get there and you will be rewarded for it. Even alone, you will find the means to exercise your power, and this, very subtly.

A man who is a little younger than you will be arrested or imprisoned. You don’t know him much (or not enough), but he belongs to your entourage since some time. He is authoritarian and threatening. He has many friends of which several have criminal activities. He is an organized man, but in a strange jerked way. Most of the time he is unforeseeable and he is harmful to his community. He will be part of a quarrel and there will be moral sufferings. He will be confronted to legal authorities and he will have to face justice. His arrest or his imprisonment is imminent.

A new friendship is to come with a young woman whom you will meet and who will show a lot of familiarity towards you.

You will have to make a decision on the professional level. A new job opportunity will open to you. This new employment possibility will require a great reflection of you. There will be many details to consider. The situation will be complex. The financial aspect won’t be the main factor which will make you make your choice. You will have to be certain to make the right decision. A bad decision of you could bring you great regrets.

Coincidences of life will become more promising for you. Your happiness will be stronger and more lasting.

Hmnn.. I can’t seem to make any idea out of it.  Guess I’m still preoccupied.. big grin


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