Organize and Plan

Posted: November 8, 2009 in About Me
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I am fond of organizers/planners.  It’s as if my day wouldn’t be complete if I have not seen or written any entry on my planner.  As a matter of fact, I have the habit of comparing today’s entry vs. last year or any previous year’s entry.  It was my way of knowing whether I changed or I reached the goals I’ve set for myself at the start of the year.

For 2007, the most significant thing that happened was finally getting a tattoo.  I had one on October 20.  Since then I planned on getting another one, sketching/drawing designs that I’d love to have on myself. big grin Thus, my planner contained some scribbles of what I wanted for my tattoo… The notes section even has some drawings in them. *lol*

Year 2008 came and I still have no new tattoo.. Ha ha.  Must be because when my father arrived, he got so angry at my tattoo.  He even told me that if he ever saw my tattoo again, he will put a hot iron on it just to have it removed.  That same year, my organizer is not just having dates/gimmicks planned but it also served as my notes.  Minutes of every meeting, and even seminars that I’ve attended grazed the pages of my organizer.  It even has some entry of cocktail mixes that was sent to me thru SMS.  My planner for 2008 also has a lot of quotations that I got from reading books, and SMS.  Some even came from the people I’ve met who made a lot of impact on the way I think and view things.

This year, my planner’s filled with minutes from meetings, notes from trainings and seminars, plans for an upcoming event, some choices I’ve had, decisions I’ve made, and even contact details of some important people I’ve met since the start of the year.

Last October, the month where I lost my way, there was no entry.  I spent the month just thinking about what I want to do and wasted a lot of time on my vices.

Now, I’m beginning to retrace my steps so I can still accomplish the things I’ve planned for this year.  It’s time to get back to work and re-organize myself, my thoughts, and my energy to reach my goals.

For that, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. big grin


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