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Posted: November 12, 2009 in About Me
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It’s been more than 5 years since I graduated from college.  As far as I can remember, I last went there summer after graduation to get a copy of my transcript and enroll my sister.

These past 2 days, I’ve been to familiar roads.  I have to pass by my college to get to Manila.  I’m not fond of riding the MRT and LRT.  For me, they’re more tiring than riding a cab/fx taxi.

While on the road, I get to see a lot of changes that happened to St. Joseph and the neighboring establishments there.  McDonald’s and KFC, where I used to eat with my friends were still there.  But the Kenny Roger’s that was beside McDo was gone.  It was already replaced by a Mercury Drugstore…  Aside from that, the waiting area where my ex-bf’s and my friends used to wait for me was replaced with a cafe.

I haven’t been inside St. Joseph yet.  I dunno if only the outside and it’s immediate vicinity changed.  I’m actually planning a visit, just to see if there’s any change that happened inside – driveway, student’s lounge, courses, etc.

I’m excited to see how time brought many changes to my college, the way time had changed a lot about me and my former classmates…

Yes, nostalgia strikes again.  I’m missing my friends and the way we used to just stay at the lounge and gossip, or do what we are good at – food trip from St. Joseph, all the way to Welcome Rotonda or España… I also miss going to the movies with them.


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