My Angels

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Fiction and Non-Fiction
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A few months ago, I posted an impromptu poem about my angels.  It was a comment in John’s blog Guides and Angels

i have 7 angels watching over me..

angels that were so dear to me.

‘coz of the blinding promises of love,

they shed their wings and immortality

now, my angels were mere mortals

who still guide and protect me..

mortals without any special abilities…

human beings doing extraordinary things for me.

I’m missing each of them now.  Lately, it’s a struggle to keep the communication constant.  They’re getting busy with their own family – two of them are soon to be fathers so I sure don’t want to make them feel guilty that I’m missing them.

I can’t wait for them to visit this Christmas.  It feels like it’s been years since I last talked to them, especially my 4th angel who chose to be a buddhist monk.  sad



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