My Wishlist

Posted: December 20, 2009 in About Me

It’s gonna be Christmas soon…  This coming Christmas, I had hoped for something special.  But I guess, whatever it is I’m hoping for, it’s not yet time.

I have 10 items in my wishlist, 8 of them never came true…  All of them were personal wishes that the inner me was fervently hoping for.  As for the most tangible items on my wishlist, they are:

1. Steve Berry’s The Paris Vendetta

2. A brand new dagger

I’m gonna make sure I get them for Christmas.  Even if it means I’m buying a gift for myself… *lol*

And before I know it, I’d be saying goodbye to 2009… Before this year ends, I have to think of my plans for the whole 2010. Of course, I have to make sure that the first item would be of importance..

And that would have to be – Get A New JOB!



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