Posted: February 21, 2010 in About Me
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Lately I’ve neglected to write or note any idea that would pop in my head.  I’m lucky enough if I get to save that idea in the notes or drafts of my cellphone.  So it was a struggle for me during process training ‘coz I can’t bring any pen and paper, or cellphone inside the training room.

Last night, while I was browsing my phone, I saw two train of thoughts that I was not able to write about.  One of them was during that time that I thought I was falling again… The other was from that time when I got so disappointed with myself.

Here’s one of them:

I didn’t want to fall.  I just want to look at you from afar.  Didn’t know that one day, I can be closer to you.  I didn’t know that a day would come that I will be talking to you… And finally look into those azure eyes.

The idea’s still vague.  And would need a lot of remembering for me to be able to make it a full story.  sad



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