Posted: March 22, 2010 in About Me
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Friday, March 19:

Morning, we chatted.. and he wished me goodnight.

After lunch, we talked thru SMS.. had a fight ‘coz of a late reply.

Afternoon, the fight continued. It was my first time to ask sorry… And I DON’T usually ASK for FORGIVENESS  even if IT’S MY FAULT.

Night time, 1st break from work, he sent a message: TRIP CANCELLED.

Saturday, March 20:

On my way home, while waiting for a cab, he CALLED.

Said he’d pick me up at 11AM and I need to PREPARE my things the minute I’m home. I then told him he doesn’t have to. He CANCELLED the TRIP, what’s the use of preparing my stuffs? Stopped talking to him when he said I’M BEING DIFFICULT again.

Lunchtime, texted my angels that I need to DRINK.

Night… I WENT OUT and partied with them. Tequila + Red Horse… and then Vodka Cruiser… My night is then COMPLETE. Had SOME DRINKS… My friend’s were all DRUNK. I’m STILL SOBER.

Sunday, March 21:

Slept the whole morning.

Woke up after lunch, STAYED home, ALONE.

Received an email from him. DIDN’T READ the LETTER. ERASED it from my mail. EMPTIED trash.

Night time, SANG my HEART OUT.

Monday, March 22, 3:00 AM:




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