Bed Rest

Posted: May 11, 2010 in About Me

Been on bed rest, for almost a week now.. *lol*

See, I got this problem with regards to Menorrhagia.. Had to consult an OB-Gyn about it… And was given 3 different medicine to address it.. Would you believe one of them is estrogen, a female hormone.

So, because of heavy bleeding, I was told that I looked pale.. and had some blood tests. My hemoglobin was 112, hematocrit – 0.33, RBC – 3.5, WBC – 7.1… Nice stats, ayt? Oh, and I dunno what PTT is, but it’s 41.4 in my results..

Aside from blood test, I also had ultrasound done. It was my first time and I didn’t know that they would put the equipment inside. sad

Anyway, I’m still under medication. So I guess, I can’t have any alcohol yet.. And already, I miss drinking!

Hopefully, everything will go normal soon.. I sure don’t want prolonged medication!


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