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Posted: May 11, 2010 in About Me
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A few days ago, I’ve blogged about a guy who accused me of brushing him off.  Well, the“fight” continued until a few days ago where a lot of awful things were said…

I don’t know what happened why it got to that point… All I did was to reply to his text, asking me if I miss him.  Since we had some misunderstanding about me brushing him off, my reply was: “No, I don’t. And I’m honestly at this point where I don’t care whether you remember me or not…”

Then followed a lot of text messages that hurt and scathe.. It’s like he judged me based on the little information/detail that he know about me. Swear, all his messages sort of reminded me why I never want to be in any relationship again.  They are the following, and I will post them as I’ve received them:

1. Well, consider that your rude awakening, but its clear that you’ve learned nothing. So have a nice life and send me a postcard sometimes. NOT.

2. Nope, you won’t fall for anyone, and vice versa. Not until you change and accept not to retreat from who you are. Your capricious and you have no vision, and you have said and done things to yourself that be institutionalized for. I wont be surprise if you decide to end your life. Because your not a facade, what you have is a dark past. And you dont let anyone understand you, you don’t open up. So ill just pray youll have a nice life, or survive the next 5 years of your life.

3. People dont understand you, because you dont let them. And yes i am better than you, because ive done things in my life that many people including my family is proud of. And the trouble with you is you want to be the center of things and people wont accept you for that. Unless you live on the moon, and im sorry, this is your rude awakening, only people who are stupid and who have lied about themselves dont want advices. Im the only one whos crazy enough to break your comfort zone, and when i did, your retreating. In life sometimes people do as theyre told, thats what i did to you. But your brushing me off because thats you defense mechanism. So its either you let me, or you still live your lie. Im your only chance right now for redemption. Stop living the lie. Be strong to reach my hand. And i will help make the pain go away. Your choice. And before you answer you think about it. I dont want you to relive the same regret.

Okay, so  am I crazy for not giving him any positive reply, or even said yes to him???I’m not being choosy, or anything but surely, no one deserves those kind of words.  And to say that I would be lucky if I survive the next 5 years of my life?! Damn, right? It’s as if I only have two choices:

Accept him and his supposed feelings for me…


I won’t take his hand and be damned for it!

I’ve tweeted this before, and I’ll say this again:

I don’t need a guy who thinks he’s my redemption. I survived years without him and contrary to his belief, I’m worth more than he thinks.


I don’t need redemption. I’m happy with who I am and what I am. So what if I have a dark past? It doesn’t mean I have a darker future!

I sure don’t need any guy like that.  I’m happy being single. I’m not desperate to be in a relationship.

Sorry if I get to post this kind of blog.  I just hate being judged… and being thought of as someone who’s weak… Maybe I am. But it’s still not enough to say that I won’t last for another 5 years just because I didn’t take the hand of a guy who thinks he’s my redemption!


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