Green Apple Martini

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Food and Drinks

A few nights ago, I was drunk.  Literally.  I was inspired by one show from Discovery Travel and Living — Nigella Express.

In that episode, I saw a really simple mix of Green Apple Martini.  Martini is a cocktail that is usually with Gin as base, and Vermouth.  However, current available mixes changed Gin to Vodka.. and there’s no Vermouth.

This Green Apple Martini from Nigella used equal parts of GinSour Apple Liqueur, and half part of Green Apple syrup (other mix of Martini used apple juice instead of apple syrup).  So if you’re using 750ml of Gin and Sour Apple Liqueur, you’ll basically need 350ml of Green Apple syrup.

A few nights ago, I tried a simple variation.  Instead of Gin, I used The Bar’s Green Apple VodkaLime Juice (replaced Sour Apple Liqueur), and Apple Juice (instead of Apple syrup).

It might not taste as great as Nigella’s recipe… but I still enjoyed it.  And my hangover lasted until later the following day.



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