Set of Rants…

Posted: November 7, 2010 in About Me
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> I’ve dreamt of another face. This time, his features are more vivid, more real. I can still remember his square jaw, his even teeth, his dreamy grin. I can still see his reluctance, feel his uneasiness while he tried to explained things to me…

> I never thought he’d call again. A few days ago, I’ve told/shown him I’ve changed – that I’m back to the old me. I thought he’d stop calling. But he did. And again, he managed to make me cry – for saying to my face what I’ve been acting out whenever I talk to him.

> I never liked the idea of someone with authority watching over me. I hate that feeling -someone’s looking at my every move. It’s as if I can’t decide or do things on my own. Although I understand that the person did it because it’s been asked by another authority figure, I still didn’t liked it.

> I’m beginning to feel stressed out. By what I’m making myself feel (or in this case, not feel)… by the seemingly watchful eyes that follows me… and by the choices I’d have to make soon, before I ran out of time.

> On the brighter side, I’m thankful that there’s my favorite series. It makes me forget. It helps me feel good. It makes me hope and anticipate the future. Yeah, I’m referring to my addiction – CW’s Supernatural. And to quote the latest episode I’ve seen: A man without a soul is not a man.


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