Next Time

Posted: January 30, 2011 in About Me
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I thought it’s over.  I thought I’m okay without you.  I managed to limit myself from sending you messages for the last few months, and I succeeded..

So, why now?  Why now when I can finally control what I feel for you?

The minute I knew it was you, I felt the same things I felt for you before.  Everything came back.  I wanted to tell you that it’s still you.  But then you have to leave again.

It hurt.  Though you’ve promised we’ll talk longer next time, I declined.  I told you there will be no next time.  I’ve had enough of this pseudo-relationship.  I need to move on.

Then, you agreed.  Without even trying to fight my decision, you just agreed.  I never wanted you to.  I didn’t want it to be that way.  So while I was trying to think of ways to ask you to stay, you left… Like you always did.

I felt a sharp stab of pain.  I cried for you.  I waited for you to come back, to talk to me again.  But after more than a few hours, I knew…

It’s the beginning of a long-overdue moving on.



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