Small Fire

Posted: March 13, 2011 in At Work
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Small fires can lead to costly damages.  However small a fire is, once it consumes combustible materials, it will become big… and harder to put out.

Last week, I’ve seen how damaging a small fire is.  From a simple message that something was done, it has blown out of proportion and even warranted a meeting with HR and NTEs to some of my teammates.  Hell, it even resulted to claims of FRAUD.

But, is that fire necessary?  Was it something worth the damages?  That simple fire caused motivation to go down.  And to someone who’s motivation is already low, that would be an irreparable damage.  For those who before, is still motivated, that fire is demoralizing.

No matter how hard I try to think or justify why that small fire is lit up, I can’t think of any that would validate it’s effects.  It has certainly created a chain of reaction.  And now I wonder, did that person who started the fire knew that it would turn this way?

Did that person thought of any possible outcome before sending out that message?  Or was the person too blinded by the situation that all that mattered is to tell that to someone in a higher post?


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