Motivate Me

Posted: March 21, 2011 in At Work
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From various trainings and seminars from my previous job, I learned that we cannot motivate others.  The motivator and motivated are the same. Motivation comes from within.

Knowing that, it was a struggle to keep myself motivated in my current job.  See, there are certain things we are to remember about motivation, getting motivated, and becoming motivated.  And each of those things, I seem to lack for more than a couple of months now.

People will not get motivated to do their work just because they are told to do their jobs.  We have to remember that for people to be productive, they must do their job because it’s what they WANT.  For someone to love or want what they are doing, they must have utmost belief or confidence to the one leading them.  In here, it’s as simple as “I need to do my job because it makes me happy to do it, and I have my boss to guide me every step of the way”.

Second, if you want people to perform, you’d have to invest in their emotions.  Happy employees are more productive.  It is the leader’s job to make sure we have a strong commitment to reach our goals. A good leader praises in public and criticizes in private. If we’ve done something good, praise us.  It will help us feel better.  It will help us aim for something higher.  And when we are at fault, don’t go and announce it to the whole crowd.  Criticizing us in public means you’re not respecting us as human beings.  And that you don’t give a damn about how we might feel once you announce to the world that we’ve committed a mistake.  Don’t add salt to the injury.

Our leader’s style has an effect on our motivational drive.  It’s influenced by our dreams and ambitions, and fueled by the leadership style we’re under or goes to contact with.  Keep on being a commanding controller, expect our ambition to go decrease.  Give us responsibility and it increases our ambition, motivating us to perform better.

With all this out in the open, can you motivate me?


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