I’m Bored!

Posted: April 23, 2011 in About Me
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I know it’s Lent… and based from my Catholic upbringing, I should be spending this time to reflect, pray and be more closer to God.  But I’ve been through some awful things in the past that made me question my religion.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still have my faith… I still believe in a Supreme Being that is not necessarily God.

Well, enough of that.  This blog isn’t supposed to be about my faith.  I just want to blabber about how bored I was this week.  I have been sick – cough and colds… add headache and sinusitis that lasted a few days this week.  I have nothing to do.  And there isn’t any good shows to watch.

Regular programming is hampered to give way to Lenten presentations.  Good thing there’s cable, but during morning til afternoon, most of the shows are reruns of previous episodes or old seasons.  And personally, I’m not into movies.  So, watching DVDs is definitely out of the picture.

Because of all these, I have not spent this whole week productively.  Can’t find any inspiration or idea to pursue.  Can’t even write something good to post a new blog, except this blabber.

Hopefully, once I start with my new work, I would have my hands full of things to do.  Until then, I’d sulk in my table, with pen and paper… and contemplate on my boring day… much like what this image portrays:

  1. raft3r says:

    i feel you, i feel you

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