Random Thoughts

Posted: May 22, 2011 in At Work
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* Karma has an interesting way of teaching us a lesson.  It allows us to be in a negative situation to realize the wrong we’ve done.  And if we’re stubborn to learn the lesson, we’ll find ourselves in the same situation again…

* Sometimes, a WAKE-UP call is all we need in order to realize that we are threading dangerous/negative circumstances.

* The strength of friendship isn’t about how long you’ve been friends or whether or not you know each other’s secrets.  A real friend may be hundreds/thousands of miles away, or you may not see each other often/regularly, but when you’re feeling really low, just the sound of their voice is enough to lift your spirits.

* Lifelong dream changes… It’s influenced by where we are at the moment we realized what that dream is.

  1. Raft3r says:

    Puro alcohol

  2. Raft3r says:

    You are right about the strength of friendship
    Wala yun sa haba ng pinagsamahan talaga

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